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Employee Files
Single digital repository for all employee information. Available anywhere, anytime.

Authorised Administrators can access Employee information just by logging into their own account. Digital Time Stamping provides a record of delivery, receipt and acknowledgment for tracking and compliance.

Employment Contracts and HR Documents
A library of standard contract templates and HR documents written by employment lawyers. Or upload
your own custom contracts for use.

EH comes with a library of standard contracts for various types of permanent, casual, part & full-time employment. When hiring a new employee, these contracts are created pre-filled with the Employee’s basic details from the Employee file (name, address, salary, etc) and include optional suggested fields which can easily be removed or customised depending on any specific company requirements. HR documents can be issued from an employees file with an automatic audit trail.

Paperless Onboarding
Instantly create contracts from a library of standard or customisable contracts written and updated by HR Lawyers. Workflows incorporate compliant Electronic Signatures.

Employee Self-Service
All employees have access to their own account which allows them to keep their information up to date and submit items for approval.

An employee can update and manage their own personal information, submit timesheets, check their leave balance, submit leave and sign relevant documentation.

Independent Contractors
Differentiate independent contractor files from employee files and choose the information and functionality your contractors can engage with.

Mobile App
Access important information and functions from your phone or tablet anytime you want.

The most common functions accessed by mobile are Checking Payslips and Leave balances, Submitting and Approving Timesheets. Also, includes a Staff Directory with phone numbers.

Knowledge Base
A pool of resources and FAQ’s to help Owners, Managers and HR professionals increase understanding about HR practices and Australian employment law.

A library of information and advice on a range of HR topics ranging from day-to-day tasks to more complex matters. Topics include Managing Performance, Conducting Interviews, Discrimination laws, Long Service and Parental Leave, Illness and Injury, Handling Underperformance and Workplace Behaviour.

Employee Certifications
Inbuilt tools to capture certificates and supporting documents seamlessly in the one platform.

Capture and store licenses, passports, visas, police checks as well as education and training attainment certificates. These can be uploaded by the HR Manager or our employee self-service function allows these to be facilitated directly by the employee, with expiry dates tracked where relevant.

A preset hierarchy differentiates employee, manager, administrative staff and business owner security access levels. These can be adjusted with ‘security permissions.

Onboarding Checklist & Status Tracking
The New Hire Onboarding Checklist ensures all steps are completed, with the Status Tracker monitoring progress and providing reminders via an email notification.

Induction Content
Include documents, videos, and weblinks that each employee should see. Ideal for Health and Safety and Other Policies.

Fully customisable includes any relevant policies (from the library) or businesses can create their own content specific to their industry, sites or culture.

A library of Policies written by employment lawyers to use as your company policy on key employment matters.

A one-stop shop of up-to-date compliant policies, including Working from Home, Health & Safety, Bullying and Harassment, Grievance Handling, Alcohol & Drugs, Employee Wellbeing, Parental Leave, Social Media, Company Social Events, Equal Opportunity and Discrimination.

Leave Requests
Tool for employees to request various types of leave with automatic processing to managers for approval. Includes a Leave Availability Calendar.

Covers a wide range of leave including Annual, Sick, and LSL as well as other leave options depending on Company policies such as Compassionate, Leave without Pay and Study leave.

Employees have the freedom to enter their timesheets and are sent to the appropriate manager for approval with a couple of clicks.

Timesheets can be customised into line-based or time-based entry options. Full workflow mapping for approval and payroll (if integrated to business’s payroll).

Safety and Incident Reporting
Gather all the information about incidents on a real time basis remotely from the site, with the system prompting appropriate follow-up.

All the information to gather when an incident has happened is reported and tracked. EH prompts employees to enter information including the date, time and location of the incident, who was involved and what happened. The outcome is listed, whether Worksafe authority was notified and what the nature of the injury was. Easily keep track of what’s happening in the workplace and whether there’s any OH&S issues or repetitive workplace hazards occurring.

Organisation Chart
An Org Chart is created automatically based on reporting lines and managers. Updates on promotions and new hires.

Performance Reviews
A suite of tools to schedule and facilitate regular reviews. Includes templates and rating scales to make it a breeze.

Set performance review periods and be prompted with reminders to ensure that you’re accounting for each employee with structured performance improvement plans. Align your employee goals and KPIs with business goals to prioritise behaviors. Build your own performance measurements or use our templates to for streamlined review processes.

Goal Setting
Set and track company, team and employee goals. Includes the ability to record progress and relevant communications.

Award Interpretation
A powerful extension to the platform applying specific time, rest and other requirements under Industry Awards to an employee’s rostering and payroll.

Requires a compatible payroll system called KeyPay (which EH can provide for a fee).

Employee Audit Trails
Gain valuable insight from tracking new starters, terminations, changes in bank details and more.

Employee Medical Disclosure Statements
Inbuilt statements prompt staff to notify existing injuries or conditions which may impact their work or require any special support.

Inbuilt medical disclosure statements prompt staff to make known any pre-existing injuries, illness, medical conditions or allergies which may impact their ability to safely perform the requirements of their role. Any prior workers’ compensation claims must be disclosed in this section too. Medical disclosure forms will help your business to preempt any workplace health and safety issues before they arise.

PLUS Employee Benefits
All employees have access to discounts and other offers for a range of product and services.

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